Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

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In today’s world, your existing and potential  customers have myriad touch points to interact with your business and its associated ecosystem i.e. your vendors, suppliers, competitors, regulatory bodies and other customers. These interactions can be leveraged for predicting future behavior and managing the customer lifecycle in an optimal manner.

SigmaWay can deliver a predictive analytics solution that enables comprehensive customer lifecycle management across the Acquisition, Service Delivery, Retention and Termination/Win-Back phases. Engage us and become your customer’s favorites.

Our Solutions

Predictive Analytics - Acquisition


The first phase of customer interaction for any business is acquisition. SigmaWay offers acquisition oriented analytics services like email targeting, behavioral based advertising, sales force optimization and marketing campaign response modeling.
Predictive Analytics - Service Delivery

Service Delivery

The better is the quality of service delivered, the more is the customer satisfaction. To facilitate this, SigmaWay provides analytics services like integrated channel management (website content, chat, videos), product recommendation systems for cross sell and up-sell, effort optimization for collections, portfolio risk management and workforce management.
Predictive Analytics - Retention


Once the service is delivered, half the job is done. Another major part of maintaining long term business relations is retention. SigmaWay through its proactive issue resolution and churn modeling analytics helps ensure, once a customer, always a customer.
Predictive Analytics - Termination/Win-Backs


Lapsed customers are better prospects than first time customers. This is because they are familiar with the company and its services and the company also understands their usage behavior. At the same time, terminating non value adding customers is also important. SigmaWay’s predictive fraudulent behavior analytics and silent attrition campaigns help this cause.

Let’s deliver the right solution using our Predictive Analytics Services.

Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our Analysts can do for you! You can engage us in an on-demand short term project or a long term ongoing assignment for comprehensive insights to your current and past datasets.

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