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Tools For Contact Center CRM

In today’s world, organizations whether big or small from every industry rely on CRM solutions to support their contact centers. It’s not always easy to determine what to look for when sourcing a new CRM solution. Some offer more than others when it comes to supporting contact center operations. Every contact center is unique, this article link explores some qualities that should be considered essentials when evaluating options. They are – Integration, Ease of Use, Understandable Analytics, Campaign Management, List Management, Customization, Scalability, Follow-Up and Follow-Through, and Survey Capabilities. Read more at: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/insidecrm/the-best-qualities-of-a-contact-center-crm-tool-71058



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Tips To Enter A New Market

Every businessman wants to enter into new market for growth or better opportunities, but most of the time they won't able to succeed because of competition. An article by Samit Varma (CEO of Pizza Studio), discusses about three components which can help organization to enter into the new market:

·         Focus on consumer impact: Provide high quality, consistent product. People buy products based on their initial experience, so try to make a positive impression. Customer satisfaction is the only key for success.

·         Allow for customization: Today’s customers believe in customization, so to succeed in new market an entrepreneur need to provide customized product with quick delivery.

·         Streamline for predictability: Consistency in operations is very important for timely delivery of products. Implementing forecasting and planning can help entrepreneurs.

Read more at:   http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245813

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Strategic Combination to Develop Content Marketing

According to Stephanie Miller (customer advocate and a champion for marketers), to develop the results of content marketing, one needs to apply an analytics-based approach that focuses on topic, network and content. Choice, Customization, Connect and Communicate. By concentrating on these four "Cs" marketers can evolve from offers to solutions. Yet, at the end of the day there are performance metrics to be met and revenue targets to be reached. A successful content program will also invest in analytics to ensure that one is using the messaging, offers, format, and channels most likely to drive the major visitors and interactions. There is never a data quantity problem as such. The best results will come from a blended approach of channels and content types that are both satisfactory to the most valuable client members as well as wide-ranging enough to appeal to all other customers. Read more at: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2371279/content-and-analytics-a-strategic-combination



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