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Similarities and dissimilarities between visual data discovery tools and traditional BI tools.

Although visual data discovery tools give a faster insight and better exploration than traditional BI tools, these have two things in common i.e. data validation and user training. With the help of both visualization of data discovery tools and BI tools users can dig into the data with simple queries, find out patterns and trends by looking at the data graphically. Previously, there was involvement of IT in data analysis in the form of building a metadata layer of abstraction from a physical database scheme with many tables, but now the visual data discovery tools automatically models a metadata layer. It is of utmost importance to know how to use visualization effectively for data analysis. Thus, user training is still important for gaining success. Also data validation cannot be ignored because data validation policies and procedures must be applied before the data is entered into a database.To read more follow:- http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/it-solutions/two-ways-visual-data-discovery-tools-differ-from-traditional-biand-two-ways-they-are-the-same-74024


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