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Project Management: Past, Present and Future


The field of project management has evolved a lot over time. From the days of Egyptian pyramids to today where projects are remotely managed, a lot has changed.

During this period, three major project management methodologies have emerged. They are:

  1. Waterfall
  2. Agile
  3. Scrum

Of these, agile methodologies are seen as the future of project management. This is because of the following advantages that this methodology provides:

  • Faster ROI
  • Lower risks
  • More transparency
  • Lower defect density
  • Stronger and better visibility
  • Higher customer satisfaction

With the increasing importance of project management, the demand for a successful project manager is expected to rise.

To know more about the future of project management and what is expected of a successful project manager, please read the following article by Jenny Beswick at business2community.com:


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