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Questionable security

Do you think security questions are secure? Well think again. These questions meant to provide an extra layer of security. Google conducted a study collating hundreds of millions of these questions and their answers. It showed that these questions are neither secure nor reliable. They can be easily hacked or faked. A considerable percentage of the population could not even recall the questions. It was found in some cases that answers to some questions were similar for many people. Logic dictates that if anybody can guess the answer to a question, more security questions should be added. But this hikes up the probability that the user forgets them.  Researchers argue SMS backup codes, secondary email addresses should be used for authentication. Read more at: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/21/google-study-shows-security-questions-arent-all-that-secure/?trk=pulse-det-art_view_ext

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