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Strategy for B2B marketing

The online world is continually changing. The idea that you hold dear today may not be of any use  tomorrow. So, it is important to have sound marketing ideas. And it should always be based on how your understand the market. There are five things that are common with B2B customers. They are: site UX is their first impression of your business, Be knowledgeable about the market, Data is crucial, Content repurposing, and Positioning is important. Read more at: https://www.business2community.com/content-marketing/b2b-buyer-behavior-5-must-know-things-about-b2b-audience-02402396


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Importance of UX and UI in Mobile Application Development

Mobile app creation is on the rise, but of them few of them manage to strike top positions in the international mobile rankings and fascinate users’ attention as well as deserve their admiration. According to surveys, it was found that there are several important factors defining the popularity of an app and the most prominent one is the design of an app, especially UX and UI design. If we discriminate the chief principles of UX and UI’s design influence on users, it will help us to establish the critical sides of building an outstanding mobile app. This article by author, Tasha Bronitska, takes an insightful look into the major aspects of UX/UI design and its leading role in successful application development. Read more at: 



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