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Reducing Power Outages using Smart Grid System

We are all very used to Power outages in our daily lives but little do we know about the impact it causes on a large scale. Power outages have the potential to put an economy on a downward trend. Addressing the issue of Power outages are being done lately through various technology advancements.One such advancement in this field is to use grids that are smart and automated. Smart grid technologies are enhanced with grid communication by employing grid radios, which are connected in mesh type of layout. They automatically switch lines and isolate faults in few seconds which otherwise take hours to restore power. The selection criterion in accepting these communication technologies is based on their reliability, performance and future proofing. 

In order to build a complete smart electrical network we have different technology suites employed at different stages, and these technology suites are may not n\be from the same company, which means the companies must ensure that their products are capable of running simultaneously side by side. 

Read more at http://www.clickgreen.org.uk/opinion/opinion/126074-how-smart-city-technology-will-reduce-the-impact-of-black-outs

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Smart Grid Infrastructure: An Insight

More than $380 billion will be invested in IoT between now and 2025 is predicted. Ben Gardner, President, Northeast Group says, "Smart meters with two-way communications and other sensors across the power grid are already providing tangible benefits for utility customers. The next decade will see billions invested in the global smart grid market, creating a huge opportunity for vendors." Partnership, mergers and acquisition activity is also accelerating. Infrastructure investment is moving out of developed markets to take advantage of opportunities in emerging global markets. Vendors are branching out from traditional investment and exploring the potential of new smart city and smart infrastructure market segments. They are rethinking of their business models; moving away from hardware development into analytics software and services. To know more about this interesting article by author Ken Briodagh (writer and editor) at:  http://www.iotconnectivitysolutions.com/topics/iotconnectivitysolutions/articles/404036-iot-developers-start-looking-economies-service.htm

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