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Data Analysis in Ad Tech Companies

Acquisition -in the world of advertisement, this refers to the ability to attract new customers. According to an IAB report,2017 will witness the growth of native advertisement while the virtual ads will become a popular format. Customer's desire changes every minute and this will assemble a massive set of data. To get the best analysis of this data, big data analysis will give a better understanding of the customer and in turn will help the company to find the target customer. Thus, the use of data analysis is profitable and cost effective. Read more at: https://customerthink.com/how-big-data-analytics-are-empowering-customers-acquisition-in-native-advertising/


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It's Merging Time!

The financial year 2016-17 is predicted to be the year of acquisitions in the startup industries, with the number of acquisitions and mergers by bigger companies forecasted to surpass previous years' figures. Large companies such as Flipkart and Snapdeal are looking to make strategic purchases to consolidate cap tables and minimize competition. Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/FY-2016-17-to-be-the-year-of-acquisitions-in-startup-industry-Analysts/articleshow/52444353.cms


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How to get great customers?

One of the marketing questions is: "Is there a pattern to how best customers are acquired, and if so, how to repeat it?" If customers' interactions are tracked prior to their first purchase, and track which ones remain good customers and which ones we never see again, then we much more informed decisions can be made about spending precious customer acquisition marketing budget. Three things we should consider are:  Firstly whether you're an online-only or a multi-channel retailer, think about how to collect pre-purchase activity data, even if the data is anonymous. Secondly, think about how you can correlate this data with your customer purchase history. Thirdly, look for repeatable acquisition patterns among your customers, and don't forget to look at timing patterns as well as the usual sources and marketing types. Read more at: 

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Rapid Miner & Hadoop: Turning Big Data into Action!


Rapid Miner had an existing partnership with Radoop - an analytics company that optimizes the big data platform known as Hadoop. Now, after successfully acquiring Radoop, Rapid Miner will be able to provide access to many other Hadoop features to its customers which will in turn build a larger presence in the Hadoop ecosystem for RapidMiner. The acquisition also brings partnerships with Hadoop platforms Cloudera and Hortonworks, and adds 20 new clients to RapidMiner’s customer base. The powerful combination of RapidMiner and Radoop will allow applications of advanced analytics to big data. Apart from providing scripting and advanced predictive analytics for experts, it will also help non-technical people to access, analyze, and visualize big data.

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Consequences of mergers and acquisitions in banking sector

The international banking and financial sector had gone through a major turmoil in terms of mergers and acquisitions. Deregulation has been the main driver, through three major routes - breakage of interest rate controls, removal of barriers between banks and other financial institutions and lowering of entry barriers. The article by Srinivasan R., an associate professor in the Corporate Strategy and Policy Area at IIM Bangalore, speaks about the benefits and disadvantages of post 2000 mergers and acquisitions in India.

For more information, please go through: http://tejas.iimb.ac.in/articles/01.php

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