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Why signature is considered as basic step of security?

Let's think of the security infrastructure of your application as its doctor. Let's say you have a cough, sore throat and runny nose and if the doctor assesses external symptoms, then the doctor will prescribe the wrong medicines as he has not done internal test to know what is happening inside the body. This same thing can happen to your application, allowing attacks on account information. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) cannot see what is happening inside the application and that is why it uses "Signature" to determine if the code in the request is threatening. So, the best way to protect your application from vulnerabilities is to combine both external observations and internal tests. Read more at: http://www.business2community.com/cybersecurity/signature-based-security-first-step-01773479#qAVrXsrP3ape3Hb5.97

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Rapid Miner & Hadoop: Turning Big Data into Action!


Rapid Miner had an existing partnership with Radoop - an analytics company that optimizes the big data platform known as Hadoop. Now, after successfully acquiring Radoop, Rapid Miner will be able to provide access to many other Hadoop features to its customers which will in turn build a larger presence in the Hadoop ecosystem for RapidMiner. The acquisition also brings partnerships with Hadoop platforms Cloudera and Hortonworks, and adds 20 new clients to RapidMiner’s customer base. The powerful combination of RapidMiner and Radoop will allow applications of advanced analytics to big data. Apart from providing scripting and advanced predictive analytics for experts, it will also help non-technical people to access, analyze, and visualize big data.

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